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52 Tags

This portion of the Gallery is from the Anne Brooke 2021 Project #52tagshannemade. I love this project as it gives me a chance to try out new techniques and ideas but keeps the projects small. Each week Anne provides a new prompt and a how to video. This challenge can be joined at any time and the community surrounding it are wonderful and supportive, so if you are interested in participating, info can be found on her website 

Tag 1 All White
Tag 2 Heart
Tag 3 Scrappy
Tag 4 Fly Stitch
Tag 5 Kisses (X)
Tag 6 Buttons
Tag 7 Hexies
Tag 8 Knots Bouillon French and Pistil
Tag 9 Bits and Pieces with a Gift
Tag 10 Suffolk Puffs a.k.a Yo Yo's
Tag 11 Rings
Tag 12 Blanket Stitch
Tag 13 Layers of Gold
Tag 14 Pocket and a Treasure
Tag 15 Landscape
Tag 16 Seed Stitch and a Gift
Tag 17 Couching with a new color
Tag 12 Blanket Stitch
Tag 19 Words
Tag 18 Tiny Hexies with Running Stitch
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