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Wow what to say about myself......hmmm.  Well, I have been quilting for over 40 years, first traditional quilts and more recently art quilts. When I first got into quilting it was because I was frustrated with putting my energy into sewing clothing that never fit. While I was taught to sew, I never learned how to fit a pattern. So I could sew, but had no idea how to make things fit. Thus I shifted my energies to quilting. It allowed me to still use my sewing skills and indulge my love of fabrics but my finished product didn't have to fit the human form. 

My intensity for quilting increased after my father died. Having always been a Daddy's girl, I needed a common interest with my mother who was an avid quilter. So I delved into quilting a bit deeper. I still struggled  because all I was encountering at that point was somewhat traditional patterns, fabrics and thought processes. I wanted something different, but how should I get there?

I joined a local fiber arts group 7 years ago when I started working for a local quilt shop and that was when I found my people. In this group, any idea was good and encouraged, no matter how traditional, how wild, or how just barely it fit into the category of quilting, it was all fiber arts. I have really grown as a quilter and as an artist in these last 7 years. I still do a few, traditional quilts every year but spend the bulk of my time learning new techniques, playing with new ideas and creating things that lean more toward art quilts.

I have coupled my love of fiber arts with my love of finding a good bargain or something useful but cast off by someone else.  Thrift shops and yard sales and scrap bins are my venues of choice for a good ole shopping spree as I constantly find myself saying, "That's still worthwhile, " and taking it home.

​Combine my weakness for bargain hunting, scrap bins, enjoying a good puzzle  and a love of crafts, textiles, fibers and quilting and there you have it, Worthwhile Goods was born.

I hope you enjoy your visit to this site,


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